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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page was last updated:  10/21/13


Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Fencing

1. What exactly is High Voltage Security Fencing?
Why does High Voltage Security Fencing work so well?
3. How does the average High Voltage Security Fencing pay for itself in less than 6 months?
Why a High Voltage Security Fence is easily cost justified?
5. Does it take a contractor, or can it be installed by yourself?  
How is it installed? What are the types of walls or fences can use it? 
7. Do I have to turn it ON and OFF every now and then? Or I can just leave it on even when I am away?
8. What if there's a heavy rain, hurricane, snow or a change of weather, Is it still safe?
9. What happens if a child or elderly person comes into contact with the Electric Fence system? 
10. Is an Electric Fence Perimeter System legal?
11. Is it an effective deterrent?
12. Will my monthly electric bill increase? If NOT, why and how does it work?

13. What happens if there is a power failure? 
14. Will the fence hurt my child or pet?  
15. In what way you can assure if it is really safe, how does it work?  
16. Additional advantages to selecting an Electric Security Fence

1. What is High Voltage Security Fencing?
It is one or more bare conductors, that are charged with approximately 5,000 to 10,000 volts. These conductors are mounted on insulators. This can be done on top of a cement wall, or a chain-link fence and render the existing wall/fence virtually un-climbable. The fence can also be designed and constructed as a stand-alone fence. Please refer to our picture collection.
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2. Why does High Voltage Security Fencing work so well?
Electricity is invisible and most people are extremely intimidated by it. Although NON-LETHAL, the painful shock delivered to anyone that comes in contact with the fence, and will discourage the most persistent intruder. The voltage monitor will sound an alarm if a high voltage conductor is cut or shorted, so the fence is virtually impenetrable without sounding an alarm. 

The BEST reason to use a High Voltage Electric Fence is that it will keep all but the most persistent intruder from ever entering your property.

If used in combination with an electronic security system, you have an extremely "high security" system.

A properly designed and installed "high voltage" security fence is the most effective perimeter security known.
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3. Why is High Voltage Security Fencing so cost effective?
The electricity to operate the fence costs less than $0.10 a day. It never sleeps and a facillity that has a guard staff, can usually can reduce the guard staff by half or more, and still have an impenetrable and secure perimeter.

Most commercial applications with a guard staff have justified the expenditure in less than a year. Many times they experience cost justification in only 3-4 months.
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4. How do you justify spending the money for a High Voltage Security Fence?
The system never sleeps, and operational costs are usually less than $0.10 a day. The most convincing justification is, although your guard staff is cut in half or less, the remaining guards in conjunction with the electric fence and voltage monitoring are equivalent to more than double your previous guard force.

The High Voltage Security Fence does NOT detect an intruder. IT PREVENTS A TRESPASSER FROM BEING AN INTRUDER
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5. Does it take a contractor, or can it be installed by yourself?
While we have many contractors around the country that specialize in installing fence systems, it is easy and straightforward to install yourself if you like.

There guides and manuals are available the design section of this web-site will provide ideas and answers for most situations. If you can't find answers to what you are looking for, please email us with your questions, and we will be glad to provide suggestions.
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6. How is it installed? What are the types of walls or fences can use it?
Answer: A
High Voltage Security Fence is a design addition to almost any kind of existing fence or wall.

If designed correctly, it will make your current wall, chain link fence, barbed wire fence, and decorative wrought iron fence virtually impenetrable. Our picture gallery provides answers and ideas for most design situations.
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7. Do I have to turn it ON and OFF every now and then? Or can I can just leave it on even though I am away?
A high voltage security fence is designed to work 24 hours/ 7 days a week for years and should be left on all the time. The risk of forgetting to turn on the system far outweighs the extremely low daily operational cost. The system should be left on, especially when you're far from home for a day, or a month, or longer.
This is no different than a livestock fence. The only time the high voltage is turned off is for maintenance and cleaning the fence.
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8. What if there's a heavy  rain, typhoon or a change of weather, Is it still safe? Electricity is involved here and water or wet is very prone to cause electric shock, how can we be safe on that?
It is designed to function in all weather conditions and is safe anytime, whatever the season is. It is actually more effective when the weather is rainy or wet. The "high voltage" pulse that is generated is so short, that it is "NON-lethal" in all types of weather, as is the typical livestock electric fence.
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9. Question: What happens if a child or elderly person comes into contact with the Electric Fence system?
In accordance with good design practice, any system should be designed and installed to minimize the risk of accidental contact. 

We recommend that you utilize "high voltage" chargers, or fence energizers that are U.L approved in the United States, and energizers that are approved by the safety regulatory board in the country where it will be installed.
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10. Question: Is an Electric Fence Perimeter System legal?
  Yes. The system is usually considered legal if the high voltage components are U.L listed and the installation complies with the requirements of National Electric Code (NEC) plus conforming to all international safety standards and the IBC (international building code).

Electric fences are normally for penning farm animals which are not desirable in an urban setting, However, using electric fencing for security purposes has been  shown to be effective and legal when properly designed and installed.

NOTE: Local Code Restrictions may apply: If you use the following guide-lines, most code enforcement will allow a properly designed and installed fence.

There are some municipalities that allow electric fences for animal containment or fencing, however, they do not allow electric fencing for perimeter security. We have developed a warning sign to make use of this ordinance. Please see: (Animal Containment High Voltage Warning Sign) We can't actually see where or whether an actual animal being contained, is a factor.

1. - Use the "No Prior Knowledge" rule:
A stranger who is not familiar with the area or your property can not be accidentally shocked by the fence. 

This is fairly easy to do, when the charged conductors are installed on the top of an existing fence or wall, and/or installed inside an existing fence.

Some municipalities require warning signs at eye level every 20 to 30 feet. Signs are always a good idea to reduce liability exposure, and the possible "booby-trap" accusation.

2. - Use U.L. high voltage components:
Underwriter's Laboratories tests and lists products for user safety. While most  fence chargers/energizers are listed for agricultural use, UL only tests for safety with people and doesn't concern itself with animal safety. So what UL considers safe for a farmer would also be considered safe for all people, even if not farmers. When in doubt use the
Animal Containment High Voltage Warning Sign

3. - Provide Access for Emergency Personnel:
When the electric fence is installed around public or commercial property, it is advisable to provide a method where emergency personnel (firemen, policemen, ambulance, etc.) can gain access. This is important, especially in the case of fire, so the responding personnel, can gain access to contain the blaze.

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11. Question:   Is it an effective deterrent?  
Yes. It is very effective, as most people will not know that it is non-lethal and are very afraid of electric shock. Although Non-Lethal the fence will apply a painful shock.

Even those that are aware that the fence is non-lethal will be extremely loath to voluntarily touch the fence. You would be hard pressed to find someone to test the fence, even with a fairly large financial inducement.

Ask yourself, would you, yourself, willingly and knowingly touch an electric fence?
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12. Question: Will my monthly electric bill increase? If NOT, why and how does it work?
Answer: No! The power usage of an electric fence is only a few cents
a day. The actual wattage used is very small. Because the pulse are so very short and only repeats about once a second, the average power consumed is quite small compared to the very high voltage that is produced. 
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13 Question: What happens if there is a power failure?  
Answer: A secure electric fence should be using a fence charger that is powered from a 12 volt battery that is constantly being recharged by a 12 volt continuous type battery charger.

In the event of an energy outage a 20A-hour battery will provide power to your fence for several days without city power during a power failure, brownout or blackout.
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14. Question:  Will the fence hurt my child or pet?
No, Years of study and research by U.L. have determined the safe limits of this type of system. The voltage and width of the electric pulse applied to the fence has been tested and proven to be safe. The "high voltage" chargers have been available and used for almost 100 years.

Once touched by a child or a pet, it is unpleasant enough that they will learn and remember. We have installed electric fences around private compounds with children without an problems.
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15. Question: In what way you can assure if it is really safe, how does it work?
Answer: It is non-lethal and it has been used all over the world for almost a hundred years. It has not and does not hurt horses, cows, sheep, dogs, etc. etc. The pulse is painful and extremely unpleasant, but not harmful.
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Advantages to using a High Voltage Security Fence   

 Visual Appearance - The psychological  and physical  deterrent of a  professionally  installed  electric fence has been proven effective and is more  aesthetic  than  broken  glass or barbed wire or razor wire and much more effective and also less expensive.

Installation - A High Voltage Electric Security Fence is easily, and in-expensively added to any type of existing wall or fence. It can be esthetically designed, and still make a decorative wall an effective perimeter security barrier.

Shock Capacity – if  it  is  correctly wired  and  installed, the 10,000 volt pulse  will  provide  a  shock  that  is painful  enough   to  deter  the   most determined  trespasser. The higher the voltage, the greater the deterrent. A fence designed for security, should provide at least 10,000 volts or more.

Cost – The  least  expensive of any type of   fence  or  wall  while  providing  the highest and  most  affordable security. It can  be easily added to any existing wall or  fence.

Effectiveness - Prevents  virtually  all vandalism,  trespass  and  theft.

Size – One fence charger can electrify up to10 kilometers of fence to protect the largest bodega or compound. In real life, the perimeter should be broken into segments to facilitate response.

Alarm  Lights or sirens are available if the fence is cut, or shorted, or compromised.

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